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Discount Book Sales
Lifetime of Treasures offers discounts on bulk orders for
any of our books and artwork. Minimum bulk orders for
books are set at 25. All books are reasonably priced under
In an effort to remain environmentally friendly, every book is
also available as an e-book download.
For more information on bulk orders, e-mail us at

Greeting Cards, Beautifully Photographed Wall Art
Lifetime of Treasures offers great gift ideas on  all art work.
We offer greeting cards and printed artwork. Choose from
matted, laminated, framed, or canvas print, all orders
delivered to your doorstep.
Our greeting cards are printed on Durst Theta, bonded to
high quality. PRICING BEGINS AT $3.25

Visit our site as often as you like and feel free to leave
feedback on our contact page.
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